Clustar Roses

A breathtaking new rose is here, one that will delight and enchant everyone—from rose growers to florists, from wholesale traders to flower shop owners.

Clustar® Roses were created after many years of focused dedication to developing a new style of cut flower rose.

The result? A beautiful new range of captivating cut roses.

These unique roses combine cut rose and garden rose genetics, culminating in a hybrid rose that looks much like a garden rose but has a long, vibrant vase life.

Featuring an elegant yet distinctive cup, Clustar® buds are stunning in their freshness and vitality. Clustar® Roses also feature multiple blooms per stem, enabling florists and floral artists around the world to create masterpiece arrangements.

Whether used by themselves or arranged with other flowers, Clustar® Roses are just what you have been looking for in a cut flower rose.